Jennifer has been part of the Greenman Group since January 2021. As Head of Real Estate Management at GFORM she is responsible for the department of Property Management. We have interviewed her to learn more about her background, her tasks and future projects:

Hi Jennifer! Tell us a bit about how you came to work in the real estate industry.

After graduating from high school I applied for several apprenticeships in different industries and got accepted for several ones right away; I was literally spoiled for choice. The profession of real estate manager seemed like the most interesting and diverse one to me, which is why I finally decided to give it a go. Like that I started to gain my first working experience in the real estate industry at a Berlin-based real estate company and enjoyed the work so much that I wanted to expand on my expertise in that field.

From your point of view, what is the most exciting aspect of property management?

Property management is part of the operational management of real estate, which means that the strategy for the property has to be implemented the most efficient way on behalf of the investor. What I find particularly exciting is the diverse and varied range of tasks and services of that area, which includes the planning, controlling & reporting, as well as risk management.

Through the daily work with our tenants and service providers, I am constantly in contact with very different people. Especially the combination of working at the office and the personal communication on site at the property means the perfect balance for me! It even happens frequently that i have to deal with processes that are completely new to me which pose new challenges again and again.

What projects are you currently working on?

Digitisation is an important topic for our department; I am currently working on optimising our internal management system to use it more efficiently. Together with my team of real estate managers we are working on integrating the automated cost accounting into the management system. In addition, we are currently evaluating various ways of reducing non-recs in the future.