Henning Hedemann has been part of the Greenman Group since July 2020 where he is responsible for the strategic relations & development at GFORM. We interviewed him to learn more about his background, insights into the real estate industry and future projects he is working on – but go on and read the full interview yourself!

Hi Henning! Tell us a bit about yourself: what has brought you to GFORM?

The classic apprenticeship as a real estate agent and the subsequent studies in real estate management brought me to area of retail asset management, an asset class that is very special to me. The challenging times, the changes in stationary retail and the essential importance of retail properties in many places are characteristics that have always been appealing to me. I have been working with the Greenman Group for almost 3 years now and as part of the re-launch of GFORM, I was very excited to take on my new responsibilities. GFORM’s specialisation in food retail assets and the #gformway are a proven combination of experience and dynamic that makes the job so interesting and much fun. Particularly important are the strong relationships we have with our tenants, which we are constantly improving and nurturing in order to collectively promote their interests.

What fascinates you about the real estate industry?

One of the main reasons is the versatility and the comprehensive impact the industry has on people’s daily lives, as real estate fulfils basic needs of the population, such as living, working, shopping and providing services. I am fascinated by the complexity and individual requirements associated with different property types and uses. Each area places different requirements for the planning, construction, operation and management of the respective asset class. The challenge of successfully implementing complex real estate projects fascinates me and offers continuous learning opportunities. Furthermore, I find it exciting that the real estate industry is an attractive employer. Properties are always needed, regardless of economic fluctuations or technological advances. This creates stability and long-term career opportunities in the industry. At the same time, I don’t want to leave unmentioned that GFORM is always open for dedicated talents!

Which project this year are you most looking forward to?

We have a number of exciting projects running at GFORM this year. Besides our strategy to build and expand our tenant relationships, we also focus on the development of various existing properties in cooperation with our tenants, which is particularly exciting. We are also working with our tenants on a long-term sustainability strategy to make our properties future proof and to support our tenants in achieving their own Scope 3 goals.