In Germany, there is a total need for 15,000 blood donations every day, and yet blood reserves are often in short supply. Due to this urgent requirement, we as the manager of the retail centre Westerwald Arkaden, have recently organised a blood donation campaign in the centre we manage, in cooperation with the German Red Cross. As part of this, a blood donor bus and an information stand were installed at the centre for the public.

Despite the bad weather, many participants came together at the event and helped to donate and all donors were given a free meal at Cafe Pettinari’s afterwards.

We are proud of the commitment of everyone involved and are delighted that so many employees, tenants and local residents took part in the campaign. This commitment is a sign of the strong relationships we have built with the city, our tenants and the entire community since the opening of the centre. We would also like to support the German Red Cross in raising awareness and education of this important topic and highlight the importance of collaboration between local organisations, community representatives and us as managers of the site.

At GFORM we believe that real estate management is more than just solely the management of buildings. Particularly against the backdrop of ESG, we are committed to offering the centres as public space for socially oriented activities in order to support the community around the centre in the best possible way.