During the summer holidays, blood resources often become scarce and yet in Germany there’s a need for 15,000 blood donations daily. Recognising this pressing demand, we are proud to support the city of Plauen and the German Red Cross as they have organised an important Blood Donation Event at one of our retail centres that we manage, Elster Park, this month.

The event’s recognition on German television stands as a testament to the dedication of everyone involved. It is heartening to see the staff, tenants, local sports clubs and the Centre Manager on site participate. Their involvement resonated with the strong bond we have nurtured with the city over the last years, our tenants, and the community at large. In transforming the retail centre into an educational “clinic” for a day, we aimed to support the German Red Cross in creating awareness and emphasise the significance of communal collaboration.

Offering our centre space for community-centred activities like this event, emphasises our commitment to supporting social projects. This event not only underscored our dedication to social initiatives but also significantly strengthens our ties with the city, our tenants, and the residents of the city. Our strategy is going beyond traditional property management to supporting community engagement.