Magdalena Bier joined the GFORM team as Office Manager on 01.11.2023.  Hello Magdalena, welcome to GFORM! We are delighted that you have chosen to work at GFORM and are now an important part of our team.

Why did you choose GFORM in particular?
I chose GFORM mainly because I was looking for a new challenge after +10 years with my previous employer, I wanted to explore new horizons and Abbie Turner and James McEvoy really went out of their way to get me to join GFORM. I basically couldn’t say no; I come from a very rigid and conservative corporate structure and the atmosphere in the Berlin GFORM office was incredibly refreshing and inspiring.

What skills and experience do you bring to your new role at GFORM?
I have learnt a lot about flexibility, multitasking and teamwork over the last few years. I come from a large multicultural organisation where I had to be very adaptable and approachable. I keep a cool head in the most impossible situations. At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying going to work because you spend most of the day there. I always try to live up to the team spirit, stay in a good mood and have an open ear for everyone, because that’s also an important criterion for my position. At the same time, the role requires discretion and restraint. I am a perfectionist and hope above all to fulfil my own expectations in my new position.

Personal fun fact about you.

In my free time, I play tennis at the club or sew clothes for my niece and nephews. In the winter months, I also like to do relaxed knitting projects, accompanied by Netflix series.

Do you have a favourite quote or piece of wisdom that inspires you?
If so, which one and why?
The song by Alle Farben “Bad Ideas…make the best memory”. 
So true, it always reminds me not to lose spontaneity and to do something stupid from time to time or to break habitual patterns.