Together with our sister company White Bird, responsible for the technical asset management, we are currently redeveloping several areas of the retail centre Elster Park in Plauen, one of the 79 assets of the Greenman OPEN fund’s portfolio which we manage.

As part of the refurbishment project, the glass roof of the centre is being completely renewed, with more than 1,000 m² of glass surface being replaced with high-quality polycarbonate with a solar control coating. The lighter construction helps to reduce the roof’s load-bearing capacity and allows greater amounts of daylight into the mall area, contributing to a more pleasant atmosphere for visitors. In addition, heat building up in the mall area will be reduced, resulting in lower energy costs for cooling the mall. The use of modern materials also significantly reduces noise during heavy rain or hail.

In addition, both the car park and the parking deck of Elster Park will be completely renovated. Potholes in the car park will be repaired and new expansion joints will be installed, which will serve as a drainage system to prevent damage to the building fabric caused by the movement of the surface due to car traffic. At the same time, the combination with the drainage system enables efficient drainage of rainwater, especially in view of the sharp increase in rainfall in recent years. These measures prevent rainwater from accumulating on the parking deck and affecting the parking areas.

Henning Hedemann, Head of Strategic Relations & Development at GFORM says: “We are pleased that the construction measures are progressing as planned to make Elster Park an even more modern and attractive shopping centre. The refurbishment is a strong sign of our long-term commitment to our tenants and their customers and is part of our comprehensive strategy to reduce energy costs. By using modern technologies and materials, we aim to operate Elster Park in a sustainable and efficient manner that meets both our environmental goals and the needs of our visitors.”

The extensive modernisation and investment in Elster Park demonstrate GFORM’s and the fund’s commitment to strengthening Plauen as a location and continuously improving the shopping experience for the local community. The construction time for the roof will be around three months, constructions of the parking deck about five months and is expected to be completed in September this year.