A new kind of mobility is being defined in urban and suburban areas with the uptake in usage of electric vehicles, such as cars, bicycles, and scooters. With these different e-mobility options, ride sharing has never been easier. It’s no secret that retail properties selling everyday goods offer the perfect location for e-charging infrastructure providers focusing on high-frequency locations. Jelbi is a project of BVG transport authority with a number of e-mobility partners and bundled e-sharing services in one location. Jelbi stations offer customers the possibility to flexibly book, use and combine locally available offers.

The rollout of Jelbi stations in Berlin is growing steadily and the first Jelbi station in the suburban area was recently opened at the Biesdorf-Center. The Center is a highly frequented location and community space. With Jelbi, it now offers all forms of shared mobility from a single source. This way, the public transport system is complemented by environmentally friendly sharing services.

Around 30,000 people in Biesdorf and the surrounding area can always choose their preferred means of transport from a wide range of sharing services and public transport. This creates the conditions for testing how bundled mobility affects mobility behaviour and car traffic. Jelbi in Biesdorf will initially be piloted for 2-3 years with the aim to offer attractive climate-friendly alternatives.