Dear fellow citizens

Even if the spread of the corona virus worries us all and requires extraordinary measures to slow it down, we assure you that we, the grocers in Germany, our merchants and our employees will do everything possible to continue to provide you and your families with food and to supply everyday goods

But we also need your help.

We ask you for respect and solidarity. Please buy as needed and according to your respective household size. In doing so, you are helping to ensure that the delivery structures of the food industry and the trade are not overwhelmed and that there is also a sufficient quantity of food products available for your fellow citizens. There is no need to worry about permanent shortages.

We are working closely with the federal government, state governments and our suppliers to further ensure the fast delivery of food and to ensure that our shelves are well filled.

We would like to thank our employees, who are working 24/7 with great commitment to ensuring delivery to our markets, keeping shelves stocked and the sales.

Together we can ensure an adequate supply of food at all times.

Thank you!