Charlotte Michaelis joined the GFORM team as Project Manager Legal & Acqusitions on 01.11.2023.  Hello Charlotte, welcome to GFORM! We are delighted that you have chosen to work at GFORM and are now an important part of our team.

Why did you choose GFORM in particular?
For three reasons:

  1. team fit
  2. that my skillset fits the job description quite well
  3. I share GFORM’s ecological sustainability goals (Net-Zero) and those of our customers in accordance with the ESG guidelines out of conviction
In my opinion, the success of an organisational structure depends on the best possible “team fit”. In my view, employees should not be viewed solely as resources, but rather they themselves are the organisation and invest the majority of their lives in the company in which they are employed. In the discussions with the management that led to my recruitment, I got the impression that GFORM sees it that way too.
My skill set matched the job description quite well. Skill set can also include the interest/ability to familiarise oneself with new things. A job description can also include the fact that the area of responsibility changes. Ultimately, we are working in a dynamic industry in a challenging market phase with a non-mobile product.
I share the approach that the implementation of ESG (environmental, social, governance) guidelines and the associated conviction that the implementation of environmentally sustainable decisions in management processes is an important and binding factor.

What skills and experience do you bring to your new role at GFORM?
In 2007, which was also a year shaken by the property crisis, I joined the industry as a trainee in the residential property asset class. I particularly enjoy the transaction area, buying and selling as well as due diligence processes including the processing of purchase contracts and working with public institutions such as the land registry and notary’s offices. Most recently, I worked for 7 years in a family office with a focus on commercial property investments, from acquisition to asset management, from company formations and corporate structure support to managing external business partners such as tax offices or external consultants.

Do you have a favourite quote or piece of wisdom that inspires you? If so, which one and why? 

“The only constant in life is change”. 
So true, it always reminds me not to lose spontaneity and occasionally to do something stupid or break habitual patterns.

Is there a particular book, article or podcast episode that has inspired or influenced you recently? 
Last year, I read “The Arrogance Principle” by Peter Modler. Originally a coaching book for women, I think everyone should read it as it deals with vertical and horizontal communication styles. Anyone who is “bilingual” in terms of communication styles will fare better. Also inspiring: “The four types of human behaviour” by Thomas Erikson. You can only maximise your own potential if you are able to communicate with your fellow human beings. Privately and at work.  I think it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a subject at school or at least lectures on the subject of “communication / communication types” as standard.

What can your new colleagues do to make you happy, or with what gesture?  
With humour.