Bees are a key player in our ecosystem. Several thousand fruits and vegetables as well as important wild plants depend on bees as pollination insects. The insects’ work is also vital for the survival of the human being. However, bees are threatened by extinction.

By placing bees on the roof of our centre in Berlin-Biesdorf, we aim to do our part to preserve food diversity. As part of our Beezdorf project, we have set up 6 bee colonies on the roof of the Biesdorf Centre. Though the project, we support not only the bees, but the entire local biodiversity and biodiversity within a radius of up to five kilometers around the centre.  

The project’s mission, however, understands more than a commitment to bees, sustainability and the environment. Together with our tenants and the local schools in the area we have developed an educational programme that will encourage children to understand the importance of looking after the environment and how to make healthy and sustainable choices throughout their lives. 

We want to act today for tomorrow and do so in a long-term, effective and responsible manner. Our goal is to make an active contribution to species and climate protection, because commitment to bees stands for sustainability, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.